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What is Mobile.co?


One of the first questions people tend to ask us, is, simply, What is Mobile.co? This topic, through a series of posts, will address that question.


Here to learn more! If anyone can share some more info I’m all ears :slight_smile:


What is Mobile.co and how can I help?


I’m with Dave, lets get this thing going!


Hello fellow free speech warriors!


We are the most Secure Platform on the Internet. No spying and no fears of being unplugged by the elite. @jp did his homework in providing what is needed, especially if you are a Conservative.

Welcome all…and keep an eye out for updates as this platform grows.

Enjoy :blush:


Mobile.Co is a social/professional/educational network built on the foundations of freedom of speech, the sanctity of the individuals private information, true organic reach to your friends and followers, and providing a new model for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to work and do business online.
We have worlds of opportunities awaiting! Mobile.Co is an inspirational and paradigm shifting platform. And we want YOU to be a part of it from the “first five minutes”! That’s why we have unveiled these forums now ahead of the full site. If you are passionate about changing the way social networking works, and about the future of our country and world, this is the place to air out your ideas, your censorship stories, what you want to see in new social media. We are here and we hear you. Let’s do this! Together!
They said if you don’t like our policies - build your own network! So we are! :muscle::us::pray::facepunch:




Well said @RyanO :us:



That sounds great man!

Just a question for you or anybody.

Can we start our own topics here. I saw an option for it. Just wondering if thats reservered. I have some strange personal stories that I would like to share but I don’t want to place them in the wrong area.


You should be able to. Try it. Do you feel your topic doesn’t fit into one of the current categories?


Just asking because I see on message threads 1000s of different topics and people making new ones all the time, so I was just wondering…since I have management here listening, if we are able to do so. Asking for myself and others who would like to know.

New here (as we all are i guess) and trying to get a hang of everything


Yes we are Richard… LOL Yes we will be able to do this. Please allow me a short time and I will get back to you. Thank you!


Checking in on this lovely sunday morning :smiley_cat:

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of those who are making this website possible.


Thank you Anne! :wink:


Hello @RichardDunbar Did you try to start a Topic? This function should work.


Great @GadgetCan I will go on over and try it out!


I’m going to do a few if no one minds. I know there are people who know things here. Would love to pick everyones brains.


I am sure if you start a Topic, others will join in. I may have information to add as well Richard. Thank you for taking the initiative. :wink: