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Welcome to the Forums at Mobile.co, discussion groups based on freedom of speech.



Hey! Glad to be logged into the forums and navigating the site for the first time.


Happy to be able to claim that I was one of the first ones here! This message is HUGE!


Me too brother :male_detective:


Hey marchmarchdave Glad to see you here!




Happy to be here with a bunch of like minded individuals.


Hey everyone! :wave:
Isn’t this exciting? Take a tour around and let us know what you think!


Welcome to the Mobile.Co forums! Let’s make our visions into reality! A social & professional network BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE! These forum conversations will be an essential part of the development of the platform. From out of the shadow(ban)s and into the light! :us::facepunch:


Hi Jellenne

I like what I see! Is there anyhting that us regular everday folks not connected to the project could help out with? This is near and dear to my heart.


Hi @Anne86!
Let people know “It’s happening!” :smiley::us:
Invite some friends
And it is exactly “regular” people who are building this. We are building this community together. Your input is important. :slight_smile:


Will do Ryan! Going to send out some invites. So crazy for me to come across a portal like this. I have actually been talking to my friends about a place where we could be free to speak our thoughts.


Super glad to be here! :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: :us::+1:


Hi @Anne86, nice to meet you!

Just get the conversation going and share Mobile.co with your friends! It’s a new space that we’re all building together! Share your thoughts, news, fun stuff!


I was scrolling mobile.co this morning and I noticed there is a chat bot now! It’s looking good guys and gals!


Thank you for having us on board! Exciting to be here.