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This topic will discuss how we build the best Social Network in history, with policies, functions, user interface, and priorities all designed by its users.


This is a great idea! Gosh, couldnt this have been done 10 years ago before Facebook started turning people into sellable bits of data.


Hi Anne!

That is exactly why I am here.
Haha down with Facebook!


Agreed. Their end is near thats for sure


I have been reading up on your ideas and I’m all in! If this is the page for us random every day people to throw in our ideas then I would just like to say that most of us probably have some sort of trust issues with mainstream media and government so it would be great to have a news page that has a vote button for people to vote whether they believe the story or not. We can decide for ourselves!


There should also be a page for people to post their posts that have been deleted on sites like Twitter. Make a database of what censorship looks like. Let those censored posts live on.



:speaker::sound::loud_sound: Twitter, Facebook and Gab can’t offer what we have here. No spying, no Shadow Banning and a Platform that can’t be
unplugged by those that wish to #Silence us! :wink: :facepunch: :boom:


That is amazing Rebbeca! I just got on here yesterday and I was told this place is in its early stages but it looks better than any forum I have been on. Amazing features. Happy to be here with all of these people looking out for the same thing - TRUTH.


Expect more Forums to include Education., Internet Maketing, etc…
As it is in it’s #BareBones stage, we have so much room to grow. :star_struck:


I cant wait to hear more and to participate in the user outreach of this social media project. A social media site that actually listens to its users is a rare phenomena in this dystopian environment of censorship.


@PatrickCassady Happy to see you here! :wave:




@GadgetCan not trying to hijack the thread, but is there a better thread to discuss issues or possible improvements to these forums?