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I’m Reed. Originally from Indiana, now living in Florida. Good Christian and loving husband with a family of 6.

I am the editor of a small conspiracy theory magazine. We have a small following. My followers would love to back a project like this.


Hi everyone

I’m just an anon guy looking for a simple platform that wont shut down my ideas.


If interested, talk to Jeffrey Peterson


Hello! :wave: I’m GadgetCan aka Rebecca Sarver :wink: Happy to be here to share in this special Moment! How many can say they were the first 100 on a New Social Media Platform?

Great Job @jp


Hi everyone! :wave:
I’m Jellenne, small biz Capitalist, Sports enthusiast, Political News & theory.
All about the Constitution/Bill of Rights!


What is your magazine Reed?


Will be sending a message over!
Thank you


hi everyone, it’s Q, the original co-founder of quepasa (meetme) and many more. happy to be on this rocket ship. wait till you see what comes next…


@Q2 It is such an Honor! Cheers :clinking_glasses: to the success of this venture! Blast Off :rocket:


Thanks for having me! Peacey, anti-censorship, anti-corruption, always involved in helping families and children.


My name is Kris. Former Correctional Officer. Currently like to investigate, research and write about current events. Appear on Periscope show weekly discussing the topics I research.


Welcome to the forums @Peacey :wave:


Hi @ttiger2004 Great to have you join us! :+1:


Thanks Jellenne! So glad to be here! I’ve decided to come back out of hiding once again and help fight against censorship, to help save families and children from trafficking. I’m here to do my part to expose and end corruption!


Received the link from a good friend, glad to join!
just a hard working electronic technician / machinist and musician - I’m pro2a, pro freedom, tired of the b.s.
want positive change and normality! Get the ball rollin!


Wow so many new members :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!!!


Thanks appreciate that.


What kind of a musician are you? I am a drummer and guitar player since I was a child. Glad to have a fellow musician in here. Such a diverse crowd.


Guitarist, also tinker with keys and drums :slight_smile:


:guitar: :drum: Awesome man!!