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Member Introductions


Hi Everyone!!

I am Neeraj Soitkar. We are hear for a cause and should make it happen.“Freedom Of Speech”


Hey, my name is Patrick. I am a transparency, anti-corruption, and anti-censorship advocate.


I’m Daniel Ashman. A fan of freedom! Very pleased to be a part of this promising new site.


Brandon Hathaway. Politics junkie, ex DoD, PaleoConservative, and co-founder. Stoked to be here


Hi everyone. My name is David. I am a recent walk away. I’m here to learn more from all of the new members. I’m super excited to be here and am passionate about spreading the message! I am retired and I scour the internet day and night looking for things that others have missed!

Again, nice to meet all of you. I hope that we can all learn from each other.


This is Anne :slight_smile: I’m a geography teacher of 10 years but aside from that I am a gatherer of truth in my free time. Happy to say that I have never been a part of Facebook as it has always been a privacy concern of mine. I look forward to having a social network that I can trust.


Richard here.
Politically neutral. Against corruption.
Here to help start the change to make the world a better place for my children.


Hey Patrick. Me too. I’m in the right place here :male_detective:


Thats the important part. As a teacher it is incredibly important for me to make the world a better place for the kids. Scary times they are growing up in. Sheesh.


Prefer to stay anonymous on the web…i’m an american entrepreneur…
worked in government agencies a while before breaking out on my own…just checking this place out.


Are you a co-founder of Mobile? Is the group accepting more? I would like to take part.


American Patriot and veteran. Currently living on subsidies…such is life.
Remembering the glory days of the USA.


I have nothing to lose and will fight against this corruption with all I have. It’s what my kids need their dad to do.


Sorry for already filling up this board with all my rambling. This is extremely important for me. I am near blind from left eye from the war.


Wow Richard
Thank you for your service

I don’t meet many veterans. I’m happy to be able to thank you today.


I was invited here by my buddy David. Together we run a little security company. Seen a lot of strange crap in my life. Walked away before Walking Away was a thing. The US still has some good days coming thanks to Trump.

May I add - Richard thank you for your service!


Pleasure to have you here Richard. Thank you a million times over.


Hah David,

You wish you were retired!
You still need to run the books.


This is Donna. I’m an introvert and usually in the background. Great listener and usually catch what others miss.

Happy to have been invited on to this site. Been hearing about it from a few close trusted friends.


20th member -What an honor

Thank you for the invite!

I’m here because i’m interested in joining a social network that doesnt steal your life. a safe place to share my ideas.