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This topic is for discussing current events and politics in the news. Thank you.


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This topic is for discussing current events and politics in the news. Thank you.

About the Politics category

Can some one let me in on the latest strange happenings of our country. What a time.


You heard about the recent Boston explosions right?

I’m right around that area and it has many of us quite concerned. I know the Boston area has had some mafia issues in past years but this is something else. I teach geography at the highschool level and many of my students are gravely concerned. What has happened to our country? Everyday someone is getting shot, someone is being censored, someone is being locked up. It’s just one tragedy after the next. Sad sad sad.


Mark, are you in the boston area?


I am not. To the south - Texas. I have been keeping track of that story.

Does anyone here know more?

Don’t know who to go to to ask these questions. I know this site is just starting up but it seems like a safe place to get some real answers.


I would sure like to know more too. Unfortunately no special knowledge here.


All I can say is MAGA


I am in a constant state of confusion. I feel like my whole life was a lie. I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust the newspapers, at this point I don’t even trust what I see to be the truth. So, really I don’t know. Hope you gain some clarity from the people here who are smarter than I am.


Tell me about it!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Actually, just recently I had been tweeting about this same thing and asking for answers and then the tweet just disappeared. It’s the strangest thing. I didn’t say anything wrong. It’s no secret on my page that I am a trump supporter so I wonder if it was the content of the tweet or just because of who I voted for.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?



Part of the reason that i’m here looking for a new social network! What country are we in again? This has happened to me a few times.


So great that we have split Topics @jp


Very interesting development.


Isn’t it time to address the 9th Circuit? :face_with_monocle:


What’s up with this? :astonished:


Hmmm…what do you think? To declassify, or not to declassify? That is the question. :thinking:


:eyes: Holy SMOKES @Jellenne I see the swamp may of sprung a leak! :facepunch: